Plattform 2015 is an international art production and further development of the pilot project Plattform 2013 where artists worked with art in neighborhoods around in Skåne. The project aims to be an experimental platform that can be used for the development of ideas about the artist’s contribution to public space as well as in urban planning in general.

Plattform is an artist-run organization that works with urban interventions especially in neighborhoods developed in Sweden, the so-called The Million programme, which is the common name for an ambitious public housing programme implemented in Sweden between 1965 and 1974 to make sure everyone could have a home at a reasonable price . Plattform is based in Malmö and runs project mostly in Skåne.

The invited international artist is Tania Ruiz Gutiérrez (Fr) who will work collectively in urban interventions with Plattform artists Christel Lundberg, Ariel Alaniz and Pepe Viñoles.

Plattform is organised by Christel Lundberg and Pepe Viñoles.

Thursday 16.4 Open to the public 12 noon – 8 pm Friday 17.4 Open to the public 12 noon – 8 pm Saturday 18.4 Open to the public 11 am – 8 pm Sunday 19.4 Open to the public 11 am – 8 pm.

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Plattform 2015 is supported by Malmö Stad